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50 Cent Details Confronting Tyler Perry About Mo’Nique’s Career

Written by on January 13, 2023

Last year 50 Cent, announced that he wanted to help place Mo’Nique back in the spotlight.

At the time, Mo’Nique struggles to find work in the entertainment industry after failing to thank Lee Daniels during her Oscar speech for Precious. She also claimed that Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry blackballed her.

However, 50 Cent was adamant about reviving her career. He encouraged the Black film community to cast her in new films while pushing back against cancel culture.

“We only [supposed] to cancel shit that ain’t good for the culture. We need you to WIN again now MO’NIQUE,” he wrote.

During his recent interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, 50 Cent discussed helping Mo’Nique and his conversation with Perry following the incident. While the famed filmed director initially asked Mo’Nique to apologize for “blackballing” claims, Fif offered another perspective to Perry.

“Like, Mo’Nique, why is she cancelled? I had to revisit that,” he explained. He was confused that she was out of work for 13 years because of something she said.

“I know Tyler wouldn’t support that,” he continued. “He never told nobody not to work with her… When I talked to him, he was like, ‘Nah, I never told no one not to work with her.’ And I said, ‘But you’re Tyler Perry and you never told anyone to work with her.’ He was like, ‘I never looked at it like that.’”

50 Cent recalled telling Perry that, in this instance, he needed to recognize how powerful his influence is on the industry.

Mo’Nique will appear in the second season of STARZ’s BMF, executive produced by 50 Cent. Check out the episode 1 recap here.

Check the clip out below.

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