Elsewhere in the interview, Benzino explained the initial clips 50 Cent uploaded in which he’s having a conversation with Brooks were edited to reflect poorly on him.

“That Shauna Brooks thing was like three years ago,” Benzino said. “Now, let’s just have common sense alright? If I was fucking with a transgender and I was on the phone with ’em, don’t you think that that conversation would be all nasty as fuck? I’m saying, yeah, that lifestyle, I’m not used to. I’m not used to talking to a transgender.”

The latest back-and-forth began when Young Buck did an interview pointing the finger at 50 Cent for his dire financial situation earlier this week. Less than 24 hours after Buck blamed the G-Unit leader for forcing him into bankruptcy, 50 Cent went after both Buck and the former Source publisher.

“Young Buck, Benzino just embrace who you are but don’t pat nobody butt when they score a basket fool,” he wrote. “LOL Hahaha, Nah. FOR REAL! PUNK!”

Benzino supposedly fired back, “Keep pushing my buttons boy @50Cent. You not getting anymore Crab Trap hookups.” He continued, “Hey fuck you @50Cent. So @50cent wanna clown me for fucking with the trans community? Someone ask him why Power got gay as hell this season. Yo @50Cent I heard you watch all those Drew and Everett scenes back each week.”

The 56-year-old later claimed he was hacked and vowed to get revenge on whoever stole his Instagram account.

All you mfs who came at me cause you thought it was me keep that same energy when I see u. My legal team is about to go hammer time on anyone who has defamed my name and legacy. You the Tasha K situation right? Ok watch this. Have fun now, pay later. Oh yeah and why would I laugh at Coi? She’s one the best things that I am. I very proud of her and her accomplishments.”