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Boosie Says A Lot of Rappers Turned On Him After Backlash For Lil Nas X Feud & Homophobic Comments

Written by on February 22, 2022

‘Zoom’ hitmaker Boosie has been no stranger to zooming to the top of headlines over the last few years for unapologetically expressing his disdain for LGBTQ+ representation in media.

When not slamming networks for ‘turning kids gay’ with cartoons, he’s garnered backlash for openly criticizing basketball star Dwyane Wade for ‘allowing’ his daughter Zaya to come out as transgender, and so much more.  No bigger headline grab has come from the emcee than his beef with Lil Nas X, however, who he claims is ‘pushing’ a gay agenda on children.

For those remarks and many of that ilk, Boosie says a number of his Hip Hop peers have dissociated themselves from him – actions he believes resulted from the urging of their record labels.

Boosie on Dropping Album Same Day as Kanye, Rappers Avoiding Him After Gay Comments (Part 1) – YouTube

Taking to VLADTV in an interview that was posted Monday (February 21), Boosie (born Torrence Hatch Jr.) discussed the blowback from his anti-LGBTQ+ stance.

When quizzed on why his February 22-due new album ‘Heartfelt’ won’t have many features, Hatch suggested it was a political move on the part of his industry friends.

‘…after all this gay sh*t a lot of people moved away from me,’ he said at the video’s 1:43 mark‘After that sh*t I think a lot of labels told they people to just stay away from Boosie, and I seen it on n*ggas actions,’ he later added.

While the 39-year-old didn’t name any rapper specifically who switched up on him, it’s clear the ‘gay sh*t’ he’s referring to is the controversy that’s stemmed from his judgement of popular gay artists – namely Lil Nas X.



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