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Boosie Says He’s OK with White Fans Rapping the N-Word

Written by on March 11, 2022

Like every other interview Boosie has done with VladTV, his most recent sit down with the video news website is filled with a goldmine of headline-grabbing quotes.

From comments about Rihanna‘s pregnancy to suggesting many of his industry friends turned on him due to his beef with Lil Nas X, Boosie (born Torrence Hatch Jr.) has had eyebrows raised and jaws dropped in response to a number of statements he’s made aboard the Vlad appearance.

Among them is his lax view about his fans using the N-word while rapping his songs.

See what he had to say inside:

When quizzed on how he feels about all of his fans using racial slurs while rapping along to his songs in concert, Boosie said:

“How do I feel about it? I feel like they’re a fan. They’re not coming saying ‘n-gger!’ You know? I feel like they’re a fan…like they’re fans bro, they’re singing their music. It’s a different type of weight. In a conversation that’s different from a fan.”

Vlad later specified his line of questioning was specifically in regards to the rapper’s White fans.

“I got white fans bro. N-gga I got the trailer parks, n-gga. They got ’em everywhere across the world. Every white boy is different. You can’t specifically mix no kind of white race cause they got white boys who hard as steel bro,” he shared. “I been round ’em bro, in penitentiary. I been round ’em bro. N-gga they gone beat you up. You gon beat them up for five minutes, ten minutes straight but at the end they don’t stop bro and they got a lot of respect bro.”

Elaborating, Hatch continued by saying:

“They got white boys who really like that bro. Who came up in the same struggle as us. See that’s what the world don’t fucking understand they got white boys who came up just like Boosie. People don’t understand that. Those are the ones who are highly accepted, who understand us. You know what I’m saying? They date our race. That’s what they was attracted to all they life that’s all they damn near saw. They didn’t see white girls walking through the projects. So you know it’s different strokes for every folks with me.”

Click ‘PLAY’ on the video above to see what else Boosie had to say about the matter.


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