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Chief Keef Talks Collab With True Religion After 10 Years

Written by on May 17, 2022

10 years ago, Chief Keef proclaimed himself a “True Religion Fein” over a Young Chop instrumental filled with heavy-hitting snares and bells. Just 16 years old at the time, he was already becoming the face of Chicago’s bubbling drill music movement. And “True Religion Fein” wasn’t just a clever nickname. The cover of his 2012 mixtape Back From the Dead featured him posing in a V-neck T-shirt with the brand’s horseshoe logo stamped on the chest and he wore their signature denim in videos. The influence his co-sign had can still be seen in 2022. Over the phone, Chief Keef recalls a group of young white rappers he stumbled upon recently on YouTube still mimicking his original sound and even dressing like him.

Chief Keef’s ties to True Religion were not official back in 2012, but there was no denying that the California-based company benefited from his support. He says when he finally got some money all of it was being spent on jeans and shirts at the time. After years of rocking the designer and influencing his fans to follow suit, he is officially collaborating with True Religion.

The collection consists of denim jackets, jeans, T-shirts, and loungewear like sweatpants and hoodies. They gave each item a unique flare with details including flames, cartoon skulls, hearts, and phrases like “TRUEEE” running up pant legs in colorful bubble letters. To Chief Keef’s loyal fanbase, the look may be familiar to his solo clothing ventures with Glo Gang and recently launched Bad Weather. This wasn’t just a big artist putting his name on a collaboration. Chief Keef designed the entire thing.


Source: Article originally from Complex



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