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Written by on June 3, 2022

 Drake is a man of the people. A couple of fans caught up with the 6 God when he was out and about at a bar in Detroit recently and they all took a shot together.

The two girls spotted Drake in what appeared to be an empty restaurant/bar area. One ordered a shot of Jack Daniels while Drizzy elected for an expensive tequila shot of 1942. An extended version of the clip shows one of the women asking for Drake’s permission to record the experience and he happily obliged.

“I need tequila,” Drake said. “42, please.”

When asked if he’s having fun in Detroit, the OVO boss didn’t exactly give a ringing endorsement of the D as he was in town for a special arrangement.

For as big of a megastar as he is, Drake seems to be pretty personable with his fans when in public, especially with the ladies. One of the women’s sisters got their hands on the Drake-starring video and she reposted the viral clip on Twitter.

“I’m legit screaming cause i love that man and idk how she kept her composure I’m sucha fan girl for him,” she wrote.
Earlier this week, Drake sent the internet into a tailspin when he Photoshopped Addison Rae’s hand into his Instagram Selfie on Monday (May 30).

A couple of hours is all it took for the news to spread to Addison Rae and the TikTok star responded with proof that the hands were indeed hers from a picture she posted to Instagram during the summer of 2020.

“This was way too familiar,” she wrote to Twitter Monday night.

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