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Fake Drake Called Out Champagne Papi Drake

Written by on May 17, 2022

Despite booking gigs based on his visual similarities with the 6 God, Drake’s impersonator, infamously known as fake Drake is claiming that his style and personality is his own.
The look-a-like, whose real name is Izzy appeared on an online show called “The fan bus” hosted by three women. The women made references questioning how even his demeanor is identical to Drakes. However, Izzy told the ladies he’s just being himself and didn’t ask for all the attention.
As the interview continues, He goes on to express to the women On The show that despite many thinking Drake had the idea first the heart cut was all his idea. Izzy claimed that he actually had the heart cut for a year and a half prior to Champagne Papi. Izzy also informs the ladies that the reason for the cut is because of you do things with your heart it comes back good.

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