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Black Radio Solidarity


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Date: November 3, 2020
Time: 7:00 am
Location: VOTE
Address: NOVEMBER 3, 2020

United States Presidential Election

Turn Up The Turn Out:

A Black Radio Solidarity Initiative

Hi, I’m Sheryl Underwood and I’m asking you to join our movement!

Black Radio Solidarity (BRS) was formed in November 2019 to increase voter turnout and Census 2020 participation.

Currently, we have 519 radio affiliates committed to this initiative as we continue to Drive Souls To The Polls in all elections from now until November via town hall meetings and all forms of community engagement. Simultaneously, BRS provides an additional platform to promote and educate the importance of the census and the impact it instills across communities.  Knowing that we have only a few months to urge census participation, BRS aims to galvanize all citizens to be counted!

Our focus now is to receive commitments and support from all syndicated radio shows and their affiliates, independent radio affiliates, black newspapers, and social media bloggers/influencers for BRS to Turn Up The Turn Out!

BRS will Turn Up The Turn Out in primaries, caucuses and the general election along with promoting the census.

BRS will serve as the portal to distribute communication and sources of information regarding this initiative. BRS does not tell people how to vote, however; it will be the established platform of information to keep all citizens informed on the voting process in their respective state and their civil rights.  Furthermore, BRS will generate additional revenue in black media spending by all campaigns and organizations.  Our ultimate goal is to utilize BRS to increase voter turnout and Census 2020 participation.

In order to make this a successful initiative, we are requesting your commitment and support. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to receive additional information.  In the meantime, we invite you to visit our website: http://www.blackradiosolidarity.com.  We will follow up with you soon to discuss your level of interest in supporting this initiative and the appropriate next steps.

You can help us Turn Up The Turn Out by signing up organizations, radio or television stations, social media influencers, newspapers and by making a donation to Pack Rat Foundation For Education, a 501(c)3 organization.


1. Vote

2. Participate in the 2020 Census


About The Drive Souls to the Polls Initiative

Drive Souls to the Polls for the 2019/2020 elections. Black Radio Solidarity: Driving Souls To The Polls, a “Doing Good In The Neighborhood” initiative founded by Underwood, urges all media to unite to use the power of the public airwaves to drive people to action, to vote in both the November 2019 and the November 2020 elections and participate in Census 2020.

The campaign is supported by Sheryl Underwood Radio’s more than 519 affiliates, all affiliates of Make It Plain with Mark Thompson, as well as other entities that are joining the campaign.

Local and state elections will be held across the country in November 2019 and a significant Presidential election looms ahead in November 2020. Underwood, who launched the first Drive Souls To The Polls in 2016, is urging Black media, Black-owned businesses, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, historically under-represented communities and all civil rights and NPHC organizations to join this noble cause to stand up and move forward to change the political narrative to one that advocates for equity, opportunity and fairness for all people, especially people of color.

According to Underwood, “I’m passionate about this year-long movement, because we have to make sure that the people elected to serve are serving the interest of the people that elected them.”

This is not just a radio campaign, it’s a civic campaign, and so black-owned businesses are also encouraged to join the effort.

Vic Frost, Executive Producer for Sheryl Underwood Radio adds this, “Voting is a right and a responsibility. It is the microphone for your voice to be heard. Everyone who is legally eligible to vote, should vote.”