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Chaka Khan Revisits How Mary J. Blige “F-%ked Up” Her Signature Hit ‘Sweet Thing’:“Her Vocals Were Flat”.

Written by on March 2, 2023

Queen of Funk Chaka Khan has fans of Adele, Mariah Carey, and Mary J. Blige in a funk after she took to ‘The Originals’ podcast recently to suggest she was disappointed the divas ranked higher than her on Rolling Stone’s infamous “200 Greatest Singers” list.

Stating the mag’s editors need “hearing aids” for the placements, Khan was particularly side-eyed by fans of Blige given their reported positive history.

In fact, the 69-year-old even admitted in the same interview that the two “loved each other” and are good friends but that didn’t stop her from reasserting the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul royally butchered the 1975 classic ‘Sweet Thing’ (Chaka’s signature song).

Look inside to hear the controversial quote.

Revisiting her famous feud with Blige, Khan made it clear she wasn’t ashamed to express her displeasure with the Hip-Hop Soul Queen’s 1992 cover of ‘Sweet.’

“I told Mary J. Blige she fucked it up,” Chaka shared. “Number one, her vocals were flat. And I asked her I said: ‘what time did you, what time of day was it or night, what were you doing when you decided to cover ‘Sweet Thing’ and where were you at when you covered it?’”

She ended her stroll down memory lane by reiterating she and Blige are in a good place.

In fact, fans of the two know they mended their relationship in 2007 and recorded a song together called ‘Disrespectful’ (which won them a GRAMMY the following year).

At present, Mary – who is celebrating the premiere of her new BET talk show ‘Wine Down’ – has not responded to the “f-cked up” comments.

Source: ThatGrapeJuice.net


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