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Kevin Costner Didn’t Get ‘Yellowstone’ Set Member Pregnant Despite Social Media Rumor

Written by on May 4, 2023

Actor Kevin Costner has been the subject of nasty rumors since his wife, Christine, filed for divorce, including one accusing him of getting a woman working on the set of “Yellowstone” pregnant. However, sources close to the actor have stated that the rumor is baseless and untrue. The false story has been circulating on social media since Christine filed for divorce, but there is no evidence to support it.

It is unclear who started the rumor, or even who Costner allegedly got pregnant. Still, the gossip has been circulating widely, with some social media users suggesting that the recent scheduling drama surrounding “Yellowstone” might have been related to the rumored pregnancy. However, the rumor is entirely untrue, and sources close to Costner have dismissed it as “total BS.”

Costner was blindsided by Christine’s filing for divorce, according to reports. His rep stated that “circumstances beyond his control” had led to the need for a dissolution of their marriage. Costner filed a response to Christine’s divorce petition in which the prenup is referenced, requiring Christine to vacate Kevin’s three homes.

The couple has three children together and is seeking joint custody. Christine listed the date of separation as last month, although sources say that Costner had no idea that the marriage was coming to an end.

The rumor about Costner getting a woman on the “Yellowstone” set pregnant is just the latest in a series of unfounded and hurtful claims made against the actor since news of his divorce broke. It is an unfortunate reminder of how quickly and easily false information can spread on social media, often causing harm and distress to the people involved.

The rumor about Kevin Costner getting a “Yellowstone” set member pregnant is entirely untrue. Costner is currently going through a difficult time in his personal life, and the unfounded rumors only add to the stress and pain he is undoubtedly experiencing. It is essential to remember that not everything we read on social media is true, and spreading false information can cause significant harm to those involved.


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