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The Kelly Clarkson Show: Toxic Work Environment Revealed by Staffers

Written by on May 12, 2023

The Kelly Clarkson Show, known for its entertaining and relatable content on screen, has recently come under scrutiny due to allegations of a toxic work environment behind the scenes. In interviews with 11 current and former employees, Rolling Stone uncovered a disturbing pattern of overwork, underpayment, and mental health trauma experienced by the show’s staff. While Kelly Clarkson herself is praised by employees, it is the show’s producers who are accused of creating a hostile and detrimental workplace atmosphere.

Despite the show’s success and high ratings, with 1.4 million daily viewers as of December 2022, the employees claim that their well-being has been neglected. They reveal a culture of favoritism, where some staffers are treated more favorably by executive and senior producers, creating a divide among the team. Former employees allege that the toxic behavior starts with the executive producer and showrunner, Alex Duda, who shields Clarkson from the negative experiences endured by the staff.

Employees recount instances of overbearing behavior, emotional abuse, and verbal harassment by the production manager and other producers. They describe incidents where they were left in tears, feeling anxious and physically ill due to the treatment they received. Shockingly, despite multiple reports to Human Resources (HR), employees claim that little to no action was taken, and the toxic behavior persisted.

The issue of mistreatment behind the scenes is not unique to The Kelly Clarkson Show. Similar revelations have been made about other daytime shows, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where three executive producers were fired due to a toxic workplace environment. The pattern of misconduct in daytime television highlights a deeply ingrained culture of mistreatment that needs to be addressed industry-wide.

In response to the allegations, the Writers Guild of America has initiated an investigation into The Kelly Clarkson Show. The investigation focuses on the violation of the guild’s rules, as producers allegedly wrote episodes instead of unionized writers. This further adds to the mounting concerns surrounding the show’s production practices.

As the show prepares for an upcoming season filmed in New York City, employees are facing additional challenges. The relocation has caused uncertainty and anxiety among crew members and employees based in Los Angeles, who were caught off guard by the sudden announcement.

While some former employees express skepticism about the potential for change, others hope that producers will be held accountable, and that the workplace environment will be improved. They emphasize the need for a culture of accountability and fairness within the industry.

The revelations about the toxic work environment at The Kelly Clarkson Show shed light on the pervasive mistreatment within daytime television. As viewers, it is important for us to be aware of the behind-the-scenes realities of our favorite shows and demand better treatment and support for the dedicated staff who make them possible.


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