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Marlon Wayans Calls Out United Airlines For Poor Treatment After Being Removed From Flight

Written by on June 11, 2023

Marlon Wayans is calling out United Airlines for “targeting” him after he went over the airline’s carry-on bag limit during a flight out of Denver International Airport Friday.

In a video shared to Instagram Saturday, the comedian and actor broke down the incident, which ultimately saw him removed from his flight with the airline.

Wayans said he consolidated his three bags down to two to adhere to United’s two-bag allowance, before noticing that other passengers weren’t told to do the same. “So, United Airlines customer service or corporate hits me up,” Wayans begins. “And I don’t know what kind of corporate culture there is… your customer is always right.”

“I’m willing to play that video back, put the sound on,” he continued, referencing a video taken of the interaction. “This man was wrong, and I was targeted. Period. And then, corporate called me and they defend, ‘Well, you know, there is a two-bag policy.’ Right, and so I took my three bags and I turned them into two.”

Wayans claims the airline told him that the gate agent received word that there was “no more room” on the plane, forcing the funny man to pare down his luggage.

“So then why did all those people before me and all these people after me have two bags and three bags?” He asks. “Interesting. Watch the video.”

“@united gotta do better. Don’t call me and defend an employee for targeting me. This incident needs to be remedied. I ain’t resting until i am compensated correctly for this severe inconvenience. Bro a liar,” Wayans captioned the post.

According to multiple reports, Wayans was given a citation over the matter, after becoming frustrated that he had to check a bag during boarding. He allegedly slammed his ticket on the counter and proceeded to board the plane when the gate agent attempted to stop him.

After being unable to stop the actor, and reach an agreement over his bags, the agent called security who ultimately escorted him off the plane over the incident.

Police then got involved, issuing Wayans a citation for disturbing the peace following his interaction with the United employee.

As for the video in question, Wayans invited fans to watch that as well. In an earlier post, he shared a screenshot of an article published by TMZ about the incident and confirmed reports that he was given a citation.

“Yes, a ticket… that’s all they could give me. Dude tried to lie and say i assaulted him. The video clearly shows i never touched him. He was desperate to try to have some authority. I’ve flown over 15,000,000 miles in my lifetime and I rarely have had problems,” Wayans shared, once again referencing the video, which was shared by TMZ in their reporting. “Anyone knows who knows me knows I’m a mild mannered dude. This agent was clearly picking on me. He asked me to consolidate my bags and i complied. Then said now i have to check the bag because now since i consolidated it into one bag it was too big.”

He continued, “At that point i said ‘see now you’re just f**kin’ with me.’ So i grabbed my ticket off the counter got on the plane. This was harassment and I will make enough noise to be sure all my friends and family and peoples stop flying @united this will be a corporate matter. Black people all kinds of racism and classism. I won’t allow this. Over a bag?”

Wayans also claimed that the incident caused him to miss both his stand-up shows at the Kansas City Improv Friday, and asked the airlines to compensate him for the money lost and for an apology. 


n a statement from United Airlines’ Media Relations to ET, the airline said, “In Denver on Friday, a customer who had been told he would have to gate-check his bag instead pushed past a United employee at the jetbridge and attempted to board the aircraft.”

The airline added that the customer did not fly United to his destination. 

In another post, Wayans said he will continue to post about the matter until changes are made by the airline.

He was ultimately able to get out of Denver via American Airlines, who he praised in the post after vowing to never fly United again.


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