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Hip-hop heads have been debating for weeks about a new all-time greatest rapper list that has Jay-Z at #1 — but now Lil Wayne has entered the chat … and he says he’s the G.O.A.T. Weezy said as much this past week during an appearance on Zane Lowe‘s Apple Music podcast show, where the topic of Billboard‘s 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time […]

Michael B. Jordan has done the inevitable — linking up with Calvin Klein for a good old-fashioned underwear campaign, and all we can say … yeah, it’s about time. The actor is the new face of the famed clothing brand’s Spring 2023 collection, posing for a series of photos where he’s stripped down to nothing but […]

Chloe Bailey didn’t let the haters stop her from releasing her new single with Chris Brown … pushing it out with a new music video that’s already gotten over a million views. Chloe and Chris’ “How Does it Feel” dropped Friday, and in a complete reversal from last week, most of the comments in Chloe’s Twitter feed about […]

Stephanie Mills is making no apologies whatsoever over ranking Diana Ross above Beyonce … a stance that just may infuriate the Beyhive forever!!! The R&B vet hit “The Breakfast Club” Friday to address her recent VladTV interview … where she boldly declared Beyonce classifies as a rapper, while Diana Ross is the “epitome of glamour!!!” Rather than backpedal, Stephanie doubled […]

Cardi B is getting her 15 days of community service done one by one — and it looks like part of that load was designated toward NYC cops … more specifically, their entertainment. The rapper popped into the NYPD Police Academy in Queens Friday for what seems to be a formal appearance she set up with […]

Pink claims Christina Aguilera wanted to throw hands during the  ‘Lady Marmalade’ shoot — something she says is ancient history … but which definitely, allegedly, happened. The singer spilled the beans to Chris Wallace on his weekly show, ‘Who’s Talking,’ opening up about some apparent tension she says manifested on set when they were filming the music video way back […]

LL COOL J is facing a paternity claim after a man alleging to be his biological son has spoken out about being purposefully “hidden” from the public for years. The young musician named Love Benji uploaded a video to Instagram over the weekend in which claimed to be the biological offspring of the rap legend. In […]

Tyga and singer Avril Lavigne are rumored to be dating after being spotted together in California over the weekend. According to TMZ, the two artists were seen “getting really comfortable around each other” in new photos outside Nobu in Los Angeles on Sunday night (February 19). about:blank Tyga and Lavigne reportedly dined at the restaurant along with […]

Da Brat and her wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart are expanding their household roster, announcing the iconic MC is carrying a child at the age of 48. There’s a first time for everything — Brat was the first female rapper to go platinum with her 1994 debut album “Funkdafied” and now she’s expecting her first child, telling People, “It’s been […]

The Grammys wanted to honor Janet Jackson in a big way last weekend, but 1073VIP has learned those talks fizzled after discussions on how to address the way CBS treated Jackson after her infamous Super Bowl Halftime performance. Sources connected to The Grammys say the Grammys wanted to bestow Janet with a Global Impact Award, but there […]