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Impressive Ne, hailing from Chicago, is a multi-talented individual with an array of impressive skills. She became an on-air sensation through her special appearances on the Ms. Reb show, showcasing her creativity and outgoing personality. A Spring 2023 graduate of the Illinois Media School, Impressive Ne is also making her mark as one of Chicago's most promising photographers. Her array of talents doesn't stop there; she is passionate about writing, poetry, and drawing. Choosing radio as her medium has been one of her best decisions, as it has bolstered her confidence and provided a platform for her to fully express herself. Impressive Ne's work ethic has been evident since she started working at the age of 14, always demonstrating a go-getter attitude. Beyond her professional endeavors, Impressive Ne is known for her sweet and genuine nature. She loves to laugh, enjoy life, and interact with people, always eager to lend a helping hand in any way she can. Her role as an on-air talent allows her to truly be herself, connecting with her audience in a unique and memorable way.

Check out Nikki, straight outta Chi-town, spreading those good vibes and droppin' beats in the house, R&B, and old school hip-hop scene since 2016. From private bashes to bumpin' lounges, she's been mixin' it up all over the Chicagoland area. A former member of the Brotherhood DJ's, Nikki's has played at hotspots like Intimio's, Linger Bar, and Chug-A-Lug to name a few. Catch her weekly at Elements Cigar lounge on Friday's and don't sleep on radio game etc. And don't sleep on her radio game—Nikki's been tearin' it up on the airwaves, hostin' Flava-Full Friday's on WZON internet radio and now rockin' Flava-Full Thursdays on Rhythm Flight Radio since 2021. But that's not all—Nikki's takin' over Middays as an on-air personality on 107.3 VIP where she will be bringin' that Chi-town flavor to listeners all around all around the world. You can tune in to 1073vip.com, Monday thru Friday from 10:AM to 2:PM and rock with Nikki at work, at home or while running errands.

Sergio D is a 35-year radio veteran from Chicago, sharing his voice and talents to several major and minor radio markets in the US, now living the dream of bringing great classic/rare soul music to the world and not the same tired 10 songs per-hour. Tune in for some smooth Sultry classic steppers cuts with Sergio D. you won't regret it.

DJ Mya hails originally from the 2-6 (Fayetteville, NC) by way of Raleigh, NC bringing 13 years of deejaying experience with her. Her career started in the Bull City (Durham, NC) in October 2010 and has been going strong since. She is the current Program Director for online radio station 94.5 The Blaze (Los Angeles, CA/Louisville, KY) and contributes mixes Monday-Friday from 4-5pm EST for the 4pm Traffic Jamm hour. She is also currently the Bounce Squad Divaz President and member of Bounce Squad DJs South Division. She contributes mixes every Thursday on Bounce Squad Radio for the Sound Invasion hour at 8pm EST. DJ Mya has a slew of other online radio mixshows in rotation literally everyday of the week to include Cherish The Flow Mixshow with DJ Mya every Friday 3pm EST for Without Warning Radio, Saturday Night House Mix every Saturday between 8pm-12am for WJZD Detroit Radio, HerDay Thursdays (SheSpinz DJs Edition) select Thursdays at 8pm EST for Rebel1079 and now Old School Sundays between 4-5pm EST for her new home at 1073vip.com. She is a current SheSpinz DJs member and has been a member of Unified Sound DJs, All Eyez On Me DJs and Spin Syndicate DJs. Over the years, DJ Mya has been on several other online radio stations and contributed mixes to them while still deejaying other functions and events. Her hopes and wishes as she continues her career is to continue bringing joy across dancefloors, radio waves, event spaces, private events and new audiences never met before. God gifted her with this passion for music and she intends on following and carrying out his mission for her for life.

A hands-on leader from day one, Adam has steered these platforms into the media big leagues, bringing in celebrated personalities such as Sheryl Underwood, co-host of the TALK on CBS; Nikki Woods, Producer of the Tom Joyner Morning Show; and most recently, the comedy legend Tony Sculfield also known as Tony Sco.

Lauren Ransom, a proud Chicago native, is a multi-talented individual who has made a significant impact in various fields. She is widely recognized as an on-air radio personality on the global internet radio station 1073VIP.com, where she hosts "Whispers After Dark” and is General Manager of the station. Additionally, she is the creator and host of the "Lunch with Lauren Show," offering her audience a unique blend of entertainment and inspiration, a show created for its captivating and thought-provoking content.

Bishop C. F. Dupree is a multi-talented individual who has dedicated his life to serving others and spreading the word of God. He has mastered various roles, including being a Preacher, Author, featured guest on Television, Radio host, Screenwriter, and Producer. Bishop Dupree's passion for spirituality and reaching out to people is reflected in his work, allowing him to touch the lives of many. One of Bishop Dupree's notable achievements is his role as the author of a Daily Devotional, which provides daily spiritual guidance and encouragement to individuals. His inspiring words and insightful teachings have resonated with countless readers, positively impacting their lives.  Bishop Dupree's love for storytelling is showcased in his work as a screenwriter and producer of the film "Can Anything Good Come from Englewood." This project highlights his creative abilities and aims to shed light on the positive aspects of a neighborhood often associated with negative stereotypes. Bishop Dupree hopes to inspire and uplift individuals through this film by showing them that goodness and hope can be found in unexpected places. Aside from his creative endeavors, Bishop Dupree is also a respected spiritual leader. He serves as the Bishop over several Apostolic churches in the Chicago area, overseeing their development and promoting unity within the faith community. Additionally, he is the founding Pastor of AOC International church, a thriving congregation located on the south side of Chicago. Bishop Dupree's diverse talents and unwavering dedication to his work and faith have made him an influential figure in both the religious and creative realms. With his ability to connect with others through his preaching, writing, and production work, he continues to inspire and touch the lives of many, spreading a message of hope, love, and spiritual enlightenment.

Rebecca Burks AKA MS Reb is a Chicago and surrounding suburb native who graduated from Illinois Media School for Radio and TV broadcasting in spring of 2023. Along with being an On-Air personality on 1073vip.com she currently hosts a live podcast called “Black Chic Radio”. Rebecca is also a director, producer, editor, and an actress of short films. Rebecca’s background is a customer service leader for over 25 years, and she has always loved to talk and engage with people from an early age. Rebecca is always willing to serve and make people around her feel a certain way by showing love and giving a listening ear. Rebecca’s ear of music comes from being a kid who was forced to play the piano. Although Rebecca is a single Mom of 3 and her Dad’s caregiver, she is also dedicated to changing the world by being a blessing to everyone!