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Impressive Ne, hailing from Chicago, is a multi-talented individual with an array of impressive skills. She became an on-air sensation through her special appearances on the Ms. Reb show, showcasing her creativity and outgoing personality. A Spring 2023 graduate of the Illinois Media School, Impressive Ne is also making her mark as one of Chicago’s most promising photographers.

Her array of talents doesn’t stop there; she is passionate about writing, poetry, and drawing. Choosing radio as her medium has been one of her best decisions, as it has bolstered her confidence and provided a platform for her to fully express herself. Impressive Ne’s work ethic has been evident since she started working at the age of 14, always demonstrating a go-getter attitude.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Impressive Ne is known for her sweet and genuine nature. She loves to laugh, enjoy life, and interact with people, always eager to lend a helping hand in any way she can. Her role as an on-air talent allows her to truly be herself, connecting with her audience in a unique and memorable way.