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JAMM! crew

JAMM! who is from the westside of Chicago and 14+ year veteran radio broadcaster, radio station and recording studio engineer, technician and radio programmer. JAMM! who is also a music producer worked with various artists in the Midwest, would frequent radio stations in the Chicago market becoming friends with local DJs and on air talent, later bringing them on to his digital platforms later he developed digital radio platforms that was really ahead of it's time. JAMM! developed one of the first digital radio platforms which was also named 107.3 VIP that broadcasted LIVE from the New York City ING Marathon in 2007. At a very early age JAMM!, decided his true love was music even though he spent many years in law enforcement. Many days he recalls spending many days in SAM Ash and Guitar Center trying  out different equipment to purchase for his record label VIP Records, INC based on the southside of Chicago where he produced songs for local talent in Chicago. JAMM! has also played in several bands and had the opportunity to play for mainstream artists at a several festivals and music venues throughout the Midwest. The one thing that JAMM! has never been able to shake is his fear or flying insects like bees, hornets, wasps and dragonflies. Please be warned... If he gets to swinging get out of his way because he will not think twice about running over his own mother to get away.

107.3 VIP

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