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If you live in Illinois, are you ready for the invasion of cicadas that are coming our way? Meteorologist state that we should start seeing them soon (between April-June). There are two different types that will be roaming our area, so get ready… I have a strong dislike for the sound and afraid of being […]

After playing in the WNBA for 16 years, Candace Parker has officially announced her retirement today. Sending her nothing but good vibes…!

The Chicago Sky has drafted LSU star Angel Reese in the 1st round of the WNBA 2024 draft. She led LSU to its first national championship and was named the NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player. She set the NCAA single-season record in double-doubles and the SEC single-season record in rebounds. In her senior year, she […]

O.J. Simpson, born on July 9, 1947, in San Francisco, California, was an American collegiate and professional football player. He gained fame as a premier running back known for his speed and elusiveness. However, his legacy is intertwined with a highly publicized criminal trial that captivated the nation. In 1995, O.J. Simpson faced charges related […]

In an era where misinformation spreads as swiftly as wildfire, a recent scam has surfaced, tricking many into believing that the U.S. government is offering Americans a whopping $6,400 a month to combat inflation. However, this claim is nothing but a well-crafted falsehood. The Origin of the Scam Social media platforms have become fertile grounds […]

As a State Senator since 2016, Melton has been a vocal advocate for equity, inclusivity, and progressive change, reflecting his deep commitment to the people of Indiana. His tenure as Deputy Chair of the Indiana Democratic Party and his impactful role on the Indiana State Board of Education highlight his relentless pursuit of educational excellence and community welfare.

Melton’s political journey, punctuated by a gubernatorial bid in 2019, demonstrates his bold vision and resilience. Redirecting his ambitions to serve his hometown, he emerged victorious in the mayoral race, a testament to the trust and support he commands among the residents of Gary.

Richard Roundtree, who broke ground with his signature role in the Shaft movie franchise, passed away this afternoon, Oct. 24, after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer with his family at his bedside. He was 81. Roundtree’s career spanned five decades and included everything from his most popular blaxploitation role to a very early appearance on As the […]

According to reports, Harper messaged Howard on Instagram and shared his phone number, to which Howard responded.  Harper’s lawsuit claims Howard expressed interest in “freaky” sex acts and explicit photos. Howard had admitted to exchanging “several” explicit texts with Harper from May to July 2021 and said they “engaged in consensual kissing” when Harper visited […]

CHICAGO (WLS) — Longtime WLS-TV personality Harry Porterfield died Monday morning after a short illness, his family said. He was 95. He died of natural causes, surrounding by his family in Munster, the family statement said. There will be a public memorial in Chicago. Those details and private funeral arrangements are pending. He leaves behind a wife of […]

Paul Costict, one of the original members of the rap group B-Rock and The Bizz — famous for the single “My Baby Daddy” — is dead. Paul died unexpectedly Saturday at his home in Norfolk, VA … according to a family member. The cause of death is unclear. While it’s unclear exactly how he died, […]