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Lauren Kellye Ransom is the founder and Executive
Director of the I am Royalty Foundation. Her professional
and personal career encompasses the fi elds
of beauty, professional development, higher education,
and community development. She teaches
social etiquette, career development, and consults
both professional and pageantry clients on styling,
personal branding, platform development, interviewing,
and public speaking.
Lauren is a decorated veteran in the world of pageantry
and has been a competitor since the age of
8. Her 35-year pageantry career includes numerous
state, national, and international titles and as a
result, she is a sought-after pageant judge, expert,
coach, and speaker. She has judged pageants
across the country and had a small cameo on the
TV show Kim of Queens as a judge.
As a national and international title holder her years
of service centered around Women’s Leadership
Development & Health Advocacy with special concentration
on Pituitary and Autoimmune Disorders.
Lauren has spoken to hundreds over the past ten
years on the importance of inner beauty, personal
empowerment, and life balance. Lauren is always
excited to be able to impact as many lives as she
can; she is dedicated to people being able to experience
life to its fullest possibilities.
With a strong commitment to service, she served
as the President of the National Coalition of one hundred
Black Women – Chicago Chapter and on board for
National Organization of Women- Chicago Chapter.
She has been a featured speaker or presenter or
numerous organizations, such as: Illinois Diversity
Council, DuPage County – NAACP, Girl Scouts of
America, Lil Sis Teen Expo, and Chicago Women
Insights & Technology (ChicWIT).
After being diagnosed with a pituitary tumor in
2011, Lauren has been even more determined to
live her life on purpose. She has vowed to continue
working with individuals that are looking to change
their lives, and hopes to make an impact on a global

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