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Nicki Minaj Opens Up To Vogue Magazine About Battling A Drug Addiction

Written by on November 17, 2023

Nicki Minaj is getting candid about her struggles, that’s right… the femcee stuns on the December cover of Vogue Magazine and while the feature reaffirms why Minaj is renowned for serving looks on looks, she also seized the platform to open up about her past addiction to the drug Percocet.

The rapper revealed that she was initially prescribed the drug to alleviate pain caused by menstrual cramps.

Waxing honest, Minaj unpacked how she found herself hooked on Percocet – even when she wasn’t in pain.

She said:

“No one told me that this was a narcotic and this was addictive. Luckily I was able to ground myself. But — once an addict, always an addict. I feel like if you’ve ever experienced addiction to anything, which I have, you always have to think twice and three times about the choices that you make.” 

Reflecting on how the likelihood of becoming reliant on such drugs increases when a celebrity, she added:

“Look at some of our biggest celebrities. They eventually either get laughed out of wanting to go outside anymore, like Michael Jackson, or criticized, like Whitney Houston, or they fight silent battles, like Prince. These are some of the greatest of all time. And one day they decided, ‘You know what? I’d rather self-medicate and be in my own world.’ ”

The ‘Princess Diana’ lyricist did not disclose a timeframe related to her addiction.

Elsewhere in the feature, Minaj ruminated on her late father’s past addiction to cocaine

“I think about watching my father go back and forth, and I just wish that at the time I understood that he wasn’t doing it because he wanted to.”

I thought that he was making a conscious effort to be addicted to a drug that would have him steal his children’s video games and sell them for money. Think about that — who would make a conscious effort to do that? Now I realize, those people weren’t making those choices because they wanted to hurt their family. Addiction took over their bodies and their lives. They were victims too.”

‘Pink Friday 2’ arrives on Minaj’s 41st birthday, December 8.


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