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Two Hilarious Nights at Riddles Comedy Club: Kym Whitley Lit Up Alsip, IL. Lit Up Alsip, IL.

Written by on December 10, 2023

“December 8th and 9th at Riddles Comedy Club, Alsip, IL., is one for the history books!”

Chicago definitely showed up and the comedians showed out! You had to be there! On December 8th and 9th, Riddles Comedy Club was absolutely lit, starring the one and only Kym Whitley, with Damon Williams orchestrating the evening. This wasn’t your average comedy night; it was where humor came alive and every joke was a hit.

Kym Whitley was on fire, commanding the stage and delivering punchline after punchline, offering a hilarious peek into her life. Her energy? Absolutely infectious! She connected with every single person in the room, turning the club into a giant family reunion, brimming with laughter and good vibes.

The lineup was nothing short of stellar. Christian Comedian Stephon brought the house down with his unique blend of faith and humor, making us think and laugh simultaneously – a rare talent indeed. He proved that spirituality and comedy can blend seamlessly.

Teddy Bigums was a storytelling maestro, with tales so relatable that you found yourself nodding along and bursting into laughter. He has this uncanny ability to spin our everyday experiences into comedic gold.

Alex Ortiz, the dynamo of the group, brought an unmatched energy to the stage. His performance was a rollercoaster of laughs – unpredictable yet thrilling. His larger-than-life persona kept the entertainment flowing non-stop.

And then there was Comedian Franchise. This guy has a special lens for viewing life, turning the mundane into the hilarious. His punchlines weren’t just funny; they were the kind that stick with you, long after the night ends.

Mad respect to Damon Williams, the host who truly held it down. This comedic legend kept the energy high both nights, seamlessly transitioning between acts with his signature humor. He was the maestro of this comedy symphony, ensuring everyone was tuned in for a night filled with endless fun.

So, yeah, if you missed out on the action at Riddles Comedy Club on December 8th and 9th, shame on you! Kym Whitley, Christian Comedian Stephon, Teddy Bigums, Alex Ortiz, and Comedian Franchise turned Alsip into the epicenter of comedy. It was more than just a show; it was a moment of pure, uninhibited laughter, where we all came together to share in the joy of comedy.


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