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Monica Jumps Off Stage Mid-Performance to Confront a Man After Seeing Him Hit a Woman

Written by on July 25, 2023

Monica’s not having any violence at her shows!

Over the weekend during a performance at Detroit’s Riverfest Music Festival, the “So Gone” singer stopped mid-performance to confront a man who allegedly hit a woman in the crowd.

In videos captured by fans that are going viral across social media, Monica begins to sing “wait a minute” repeatedly in the microphone before becoming visibly agitated. The singer walks to the end of the stage and says, “No, don’t you hit her like that,” before jumping off of the stage and walking into the direction of the scuffle. 

Monica’s security begins to surround her as she says into the mic, “You don’t hit no f**king lady like that.”

A few short moments later, Monica is lifted back onstage by security and the show continues to go on. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the GRAMMY-winning songstress opened up about the “triggering” incident.

“I’m great. My entire team is great,” she told the publication. “There was an altercation in the audience between a man and woman that I could tell from my viewpoint onstage. It was heating up as I was attempting to get security’s attention to ask them to de-escalate it, and unfortunately, they weren’t able to fully understand what I was asking them to do. And I did everything I could after seeing him strike her to prevent her from being hit again.”

She continued, “It was very triggering for me to see a woman be assaulted by a man. But I thank God that we were able to prevent it from going further than it did and everyone made it home safe.”


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